benefits of

Direct Mail Marketing

  • It is a tried and true marketing channel that increases profit because it drives response.
  • It delivers one of the best return on investments (ROI) on your advertising dollar.
  • It is the most affordable and cost effective way to deliver your message to your target audience.

Our Mission Statement

Hometown Ledger's mission is to
enhance our clients' profitability,
return on investment (ROI) and
growth by bringing them more
customers and business through
targeted, impactful, easy to execute
and value-driven direct mail marketing campaigns.


  • accountant3

    Our first mailing went to 10,000 households, bringing in $60,000 in revenue for the business.

    Sd, CPA Firm
  • image5 copy

    We estimate our Return of Investment (ROI) to be 1,000%. That is we make 10 times what we spend on direct mail.

    C.P. Dentistry
  • image 13 dry cleaner

    We received 50 new customers. The direct mail ad paid for itself many times over.

    Y.D. Dry Cleaning
  • mechanic

    Our direct mail campaign was a huge success. We acquired 80 new customers. And on average, each new customer spent $350 on their service.

    B.R., Automotive Repair
  • carpetcleaningman

    Our direct mailing yielded a 1,509% return on investment. Our continued growth is a result of our consistent direct mail effort.

    D.A. Carpet Service
  • image6 copy

    Our mailing went to 6,000 households. We got 8 new clients which translated into $2,777 of new, immediate revenue.

    B.V. Veterinary Clinic
  • car salesman

    We received 30 new leads and CLOSED 3 sales. Direct mail works.

    S.A., Auto Sales
  • image3 copy

    Our direct mail communication brought in a 146 responses. We only need a couple of responses to cover the cost of the market.

    Dt. Chiropractor
  • hispanic-housecleaner

    We picked up 10 new cleaning customers. I made about 10 times more than my investment. That is what I call RESULTS.

    H.E. Cleaning Services
  • driver instructor

    The first day my direct mail arrives I receive 25 or more calls of which at least half enroll in the driving course. Our direct mail ads allow us to out-perform the competition.

    B.W. Driving School
  • image 2 copy

    Direct mail has affected our company in a positive way per mailing. Every month last year we would get 35 new patients. This year it’s gone up to 50 to 100 new patients per month.

    T.D. Dentist
  • image4 copy

    90% of my business comes from my direct mail campaigns. I’ve tried everything from television to newspapers, but the direct mail is the way to go.

    G.T. Construction
  • dance instructor

    We signed up 30 new dancers. Have of them mentioned they received the direct mail piece.

    My. School of Dance
  • dds

    The direct mail ad generated 136 calls and 160 website visits.

    R.N. DDS
  • image 16 banker

    With our direct mail marketing campaign, we opened 250 new accounts with over $17 million in new deposits.

    A.C.B. Bank
  • black-accountant

    We received 45-50 inquiries with our tax direct mail piece, and turned 30 of those prospects into new clients! I would say that these responses generated about $6,000 in revenue.

    W&K, CPA Firm
  • image 15 hair stylist

    We received 150 responses in 2-3 weeks and have generated approximately $7,500 in sales. It works.

    D.V. Salon and Spa

Why Use Hometown Ledger


We are a local, hands-on operation.  The owner/editor Eileen McMann oversees every aspect from sales, to design and editorial content, to production and finally to delivery.  We care and it shows in the attention to detail we give our advertisers and in the quality of the publication.


Hometown Ledger not only provides a high quality publication, but we do so at most competitive price in the market.  We do it better, for less money, delivering greater value, bringing more profit to our clients.  We publish our paper on higher quality 35lb No.  80 Bright Prem Newsprint and we print in four colors on all pages.  Size does matter and color sells.


We also make it easy for customers, doing all the heavy lifting in regards to designing an effective ad or writing a compelling advertorial.  We also work with the printer and post office to make sure everything works together to see that your message gets delivered to your customer.  We continuous seek to improve our craft through study of the industry.  We bring our clients what works.

image7 copy

We are so confident that you will be pleased with the results, we do not require our customers to sign a long term contract or commitment.  We know you'll be back because the Hometown Ledger delivers tangible results for our advertisers.  Get started today.  Connect with your community by being seen in the Hometown Ledger.  We look forward to helping you grow your sales and business.

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Direct Mail Works

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