Why YOU should consider Direct Mail

25 July 2016 | 0 Comment

You may not have been thinking much about Direct Mail lately as a viable Marketing technique but allow us a moment to change your perspective.  Direct mail is a way for you to reach customers with a proven method that’s been around for ages.  Online may be hot right now but that leaves the offline methods relatively clear for small businesses to use and stand out.  Most households are inundated with emails from companies and much more rarely get an actual piece of physical mail.  That makes the ones that they do receive more likely to be opened and read. Consider this:

  • 98% of postal patrons retrieve their mail on the same day as it’s delivered (81% of those read or scan through it that same day)
  • 79% of consumers find reading mail more convenient than going online
  • 42% of 25-34 year olds say they read mail immediately and find it useful
  • 58% of households with incomes over $65,000 purchased from direct mail
  • People keep newspapers longer than emails and can refer to your content there over and over
  • 95% of the top 500 retailers rely on direct mail to get their message out and drive sales

It’s starting to look a bit more tempting, isn’t it? Chances are that you’ve signed up for insurance or a credit card or used a coupon after being directly mailed.  It’s an awesome way to reach out and pleasantly surprise people with your best offers.  That builds excitement about your brand and leads to more traffic for your store. Another great aspect of Direct Mail is that you can target it to reach more of the people who might end up buying from you.  If you’re a small business trying to get the most out of a limited marketing budget, Direct Mail gives you options with a lot of flexibility.  You get to decide how much content you put out and with giants like Google and Apple using this method, you’d be in good company! You can be brief or get a full length advertorial that gives customers that raw emotional connection with your business.  Local buyers love hearing about local businesses. With our newspaper, you can start reaping the benefits of Direct Mailing right now! As experts, we simplify this whole process for you by:
  • Making sure your content reaches the right potential customers for YOUR business
  • Managing the entire process from design to delivery
  • Keeping our services affordable (we’re a small, local business too)
  • Allowing you to work with us without a contract

We’re operating in Waltham for now but we’ll soon be servicing Weston, Watertown, Lexington and Natick.  Your business is our business.  Our goal is “putting profit in your pocket.”  Let’s get the word out!



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